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Final Update!
Just a quick note to confirm that I will no longer be updating this journal. Now that I am running my own business and decanting exclusively on my Facebook Group and for /IMAM/ I simply don't have the time or the audience to keep up this account as well. The Facebook group is always open to new members and those who don't like facebook are welcome to join the far more anonymous /IMAM/!

Love & Luck,
Angi ❤

Auctions & Sales List!
Major discounts to be found in our Ebay destash/Leftovers auctions! 140+ bottles! I am happy to combine shipping with your decant packages. BPAL, Possets and Violette Market.

Also, The Sales list has been updated! It does not include the State Fair, that will be another week or two. There's leftovers from ZOMG Smells, Possets, Nocturne Alchemy, Blooddrop Clothing & Fineries and Brazen Cosmetics!

Possets' Sicilian Summer
Possets' Sicilian Summer Circle is GO! https://sites.google.com/site/ajevies/circles/possets-summer-2014

PSA & VM Update!
I will not be doing ANY additional circles until after July 21st. I am moving my baby brother up from Ohio which is going to be quite the production, those of you who've moved state to state know what I'm talking about. This means I may likely miss the Summer Possets release. :( However, if we still have time when we're settled, I'll do it then. In Violette Market news, the boxes I thought were full of vials were in fact empty, so I'm finishing off what I have and having a flat of 2000 priority shipped to me!

Last Call: State Fair!
MY APOLOGIES!! Google recently switched over to new spreadsheets and there were a larger number of orders that came in that I didn't find until today!! If you haven't gotten an invoice from me yet, I am working on it right now! The list is not finalized and the cuts that have been marked are NOT up to date!

The form is back up for the next 24 hours (9pm wed est)!! At this time tomorrow, bottles that have not been saved will be cruelly and mercilessly culled! I don't like doing this, as you know, but I don't have the spare money to float the 50+ empty slots, lol. You can identify marked bottles by their highlight on the list or their ❤❤ tag on the form. Where able, half decant options have been remove to help with the saving. If you want to bump a half decant to a full one or if you want to add anything else to your list, just submit a new form with the additions. If you want to bump your half to full, but the option to add another half is gone, just mention it in the Notes section. :) If you have stock in a marked bottle and want that slot moved to something else IF the bottle dies, drop me an email at ajevie@gmail.com https://sites.google.com/site/ajevies/circles/vm-summer-2014

State Fair 2014!
The Violette Market State Fair circle is live! Originally, it was going to get folded into the June circle, but Lori out smarted us by making the collection MAMOTH! To help you get to try more of this big favorite this one time only we’re offering 1/2 decants. That’s .5ml instead of the usual 1ml, but in the same vial and at a lower price.

There are tons and tons of perfumes as well as tealights and room & linen sprays in the circle! Penny Candies are in very limited supplies. If enough people pay up ahead of time, I will place two orders. One will go in ASAP strictly for penny candies in an effort to snag the favorites before they sell out. The second order will go in on the official order date of June 18th. If payments don’t come in till the last minute, we’ll just take our chances and make refunds as needed. If you can’t pay by the 18th due to payday conflicts or whatever, let me know. If there’s just a few of you, we can handle that without a problem. :)

Well… that’s about all there is to say, lol. I’m going to rest my eyes for a little while after all this typing. Maybe find me some cotton candy… ¬.¬


May Circle (NAVA)
I am happy to announce that for the first time, Nocturne Alchemy/VApothecary is being added to our circle. :)


May Circle! (Possets)
This month's circle has been updated to include Possets' The Night Sky collection! ❤


Addons and Internationals welcome, always! :D

May Circle and Group Orders!
May's circle is kicking off with a little update from Blooddrop!

More will be added as releases come out through the month. As always, you can chose to have everything shipped together when it's all in, or divide it up to your liking. :)


Blooddrop & Brazen Sexy Scents Decant/Group order!
Due to popular demand, we have added a number of collections to this April's circle! New offerings include THREE collections (Simplicities, Whinnies & Year of the Horse) from Blooddrop and a brand new collection from Brazen cosmetics as they dip their toe into the perfuming world for the first time with Sexy Scents! Place your order now and pay by the 16th. Bottles without enough interest will be cut and you'll get a full refund on order day. Same goes for anything that happens to sell out before now and then. :)

Internationals & Add ons welcome.


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