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Blooddrop & Brazen Sexy Scents Decant/Group order!
Due to popular demand, we have added a number of collections to this April's circle! New offerings include THREE collections (Simplicities, Whinnies & Year of the Horse) from Blooddrop and a brand new collection from Brazen cosmetics as they dip their toe into the perfuming world for the first time with Sexy Scents! Place your order now and pay by the 16th. Bottles without enough interest will be cut and you'll get a full refund on order day. Same goes for anything that happens to sell out before now and then. :)

Internationals & Add ons welcome.

ZOMG Smells is back (Tesla fans rejoice!!)
After a brief hiatus, Ariel and Holly at ZOMG Smells are back with a vengeance!

"Thanks for being so patient with us during our downtime! To celebrate our return, we assembled the much-requested Tesla collection including every Tesla scent we've ever made plus one new variant you've never seen. The collection will be available until June 7. They're hanging out here.
Also new is this year's crop of our traditional April remixes, in which we take two of our general catalog scents and splice them together with a little bit from one and a little from the other to create something entirely new. They'll be with us until the end of the month on May 1. Check them out here!
You may notice that squees are slightly less cheap; we regret having to change that. All other bottles are unchanged in price. Don't forget that we now have 2ml bottles available, which we recommend for people who struggle with 1ml squee tops--their screw-on caps are friendly and avoid the drop-flicking mess that the vials can make.
Stick around, because we have another returning favorite next month and another limited-run series we're really proud of. We ❤ all of you, and we're glad to see you back!"

THE DECANT CIRCLE is live and includes discounted prices for sets! Internationals and addons always welcome.

❤ Angi

Spring Stock Up Group Orders!
In the continuing effort to get me moved into a proper office/studio I am utterly unprepared for decanting, but I can manage some group stuff!


Please note all HAUNT requests NEED to be in by 6am Sunday morning!! The reason for this is that our discount will vary depending on how much we get and I want to make sure I quote you a total with the proper savings. ;)

Internationals welcome!

Just a reminder, I took the weekend off for my wedding anniversary and I am not really generally available on Sundays and Mondays. :) I HAVE got your orders. Totals will go out tomorrow.

February Circle Possets Addition!
Possets' Victorian Romance collection has been added! Fittingly, we are celebrating our anniversary this weekend. So, to give me time to send totals and for you to pay, I'll be placing the order on Thursday rather than wednesday. :) All the other orders will be placed tonight! I've added an option to have your Possets shipped separate. Though, Fabi's TaT is quick enough to make my head spin, lol. If you do NOT check for them to be separated, they will be combined.


February Circle!
February's Circle!

As promised, we're finally kicking February off with the first Arcana release of the new year! But there's so, so much more! The ZOMG Smells' February Seventh scent will be added to this circle when it goes live, as well.

First, the Brand new The Beast collection, the New orleans Trio and an encore for Queens of Snow and Air Via The Rhinestone Houswife! Next, we have my wee, handmade nail polish line, 'Dolly's...' . These polishes are available in the US only at this time and are 5-Free (They do NOT include formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), or toluene). You can see mediocore pictures through the link, lol. I swear once things pick up, first thing on the To Buy list is proper shoot setup. :3

On to the Sherlock love! A big thank you to Liz for turning us onto Deep Midnight Perfumes and her Sherlock offerings. Wrapping up is a selection of Cara McGee’s Sherlock Blends from Adagio!

Feel free to add Sales List items to your circle order, fully updated!

Lupers are LIVE!
Yay! All the smut a goblin could possibly want! Trading post goodies are listed and we have included Ted's version of Black Moon! We'll also be doing a Lab group order just in time to snag any yules you've been waffling about, or if you wanna try any of the new GC additions. And don't forget your Clive Barkers!

Post Decant Circle & Lab Group Order
Facebook Group for the most up-to-date info

Last time Ted did bath salts the packaging was... well, let's say trial and error is our friend. I think we're doing jars this round rather than bags. I am going to look into possibly decanting them into tubes, but if that doesn't pan out, you'll see the familiar black jars. :) I'd like to order on Wednesday in an attempt to squeeze in before backorders start, lol.

You may also note that I've removed a number of old circles from the menu. The pages still exist, I've just removed the links to tidy up. From now on, we'll keep only the current year's circles linked.

February's circle will bring us another batch of goodies! We're looking forward to Arcana's Valentines collection and we'll have a bit of a theme this round: Sherlock! Including Geek Chic's grand-spanking new "The Game Is On" collection and bagged samples of Cara McGee's Sherlock teas! How's that sound?

PS. Let me know of any other Sherlock themed awesome you think might make a good addition to the next circle.

I am going to pounce on the Haus of Gloi Valentines update and then start the BIG project of cleaning up the sales list. Bring on the coffee!

The Trading Post Decant Circle and the Lab Group Order will be up shortly. ❤

January Circle is live!
Let's get ahead of ourselves for a change. This month's circle is all about gearing up for Valentines! Looking for something luxerious for the man.. or men in your life? Here's your chance to try-before-you-buy from the likes of Dr K Soap Company "Dr K Soap Company produces the finest natural soap, body care and skin care products using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. Our handmade soap is handcrafted in Cork, Ireland according to strict EU cosmetic regulations and is SLS free, paraben free, petroleum free and never tested on animals." And Cirmes Tonsorial Parlour, "Cirmes Tonsorial Parlour uses only the finest ingredients to create marvelous wonders for men, combining them with sophisticated, yet peculiar and intoxicating aromatic blends."

Single and proud of it? Gift yourself with some amazing Valentines tea from Adagio Teas. One of my all time personal favorites. "It deliciously combines the luxurious flavor of fresh-dipped chocolate-covered strawberries with the taste of premium Ceylon black tea." Or, pump yourself up for a grand night out all about celebrating you with the perfect scent for such an occasion - Disco Zombie Housewife! Blended by Ariel and Holly at ZOMG Smells exclusively for The Rhinestone Housewife, "Sexy, boozy, incense-laced black cherry with pettably-soft sandalwood, earthy patchouli, and a sturdy backbone of strong black tea to keep you up and dancing the night away."

❤Find it all here!❤

January Update!
Packages are arriving slowly but surly, I am happy to see. :) We have inevitable hiccups in the Trading Post order, but I am happy to say that the bulk of those will be shipping out Over the weekend and through Monday! The Post bottles of atmos spray and hair gloss leaked like mad.. like every side of the box was oil stained. I'm blaming the drastic temperature shifts. Ted's sending bottles to cover what we lost, but mostly I mention it for those of you that requested your decants in the bottles are aware of the issue. I'm going to teflon tape them and bag them just in case.

January's circle will be going up tonight! It will include orders to Adagio Teas, The Rhinestone Housewife and ZOMG Smells with decants of ZOMG's Jan Seventh's smell and RH's Manly Man collection!

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